Hello !! I'm jisung in korean

Today, I will learn how to do internet shopping in Korea.


It is very difficult for foreigners to shop online in Korea.



download the Gmarket app first



This posting will tell foreigners how to order goods on mobile without login.

It is very difficult to order things in Korea, so I will explain to you the easiest way.


So let's find out how to shop  moblie in Korea for foreigners.




 Search for products that make this purchase.


I'll search for sunglasses here.




Click on the first sunglasses




If you want to buy a product, click on the button below



Most foreigners are not able to register,


so I recommend that you place your order as a non-member.


Click on the yellow checkmark



then... The follwing screen will be displayed.

You can fill in your information on the order form.




Please choose payment method by bank transfer.

The reason is that when you try to purchase with a card,


the authentication procedure is very difficult, so we recommend bank transfer.




Finally, enter your refund account.


At this time, fill in your name on your passbook.


If it is different from the nameof the account, the account can not be confirmed.





When the account is confirmed, the following window will appear.


If you check the information usage consent below, your order will be completed



Show Order Completed.



Because Korea is very small, it takes about 3 days to ship any item.

We have a lot of mobile apps, but we've introduced them as the easiest app to use.


If you have any other questions, please leave a comment ^^